Costa Rica has an appeal that attracts people of all ages, from all walks of life and from all over the world

Costa Rica has an appeal that attracts people of all ages, from all walks of life and from all over the world.  These adventurous types are seeking to move to a tropical setting that provides a sense of newness for their lives. Costa Rica provides opportunities for the energetic entrepreneur, the burned-out baby boomer, the young couple with a family, or anyone looking for change and seeking an alternative, simpler way of life.

Costa Rica offers the perfect scenario for people who are willing and open to pursue something better in this world and in their lives. This country proudly offers health care for all its people, while at the same time providing free education for every child. Because of this Costa Rica has become a nation populated by healthy people, living in meaningful peace, with a shared prosperity. The people feel secure, have a sense of purpose, and enjoy lives that minimize stress and maximize joy. It is no wonder that Costa Rica has topped the “Happy Planet Index” for three years in a row. In addition, the “World Happiness Report” ranks the country as number 1 in America, and number 12 in the global ranking. In summary, Costa Rica’s happiness recipe is a combination of enjoying the moment, family bonding, universal health, education, peace, faith, equality and generosity.

Here is another Gem; you can even live longer by moving to Costa Rica.  Recently, “NBC Prime Time World News” did a special about a group of centenarians living on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. In fact, the country boasts over 900 centenarians. Costa Ricans who reach the age of eighty have the longest longevity rate in the world beyond that age. This is mostly due to the lifestyle here. Many a foreigner, including those of us that have moved here claim that “they have added years to their lives and life to their years.” Perhaps the country can do the same for you.

Individuals continue to flock to the Costa Rica because of its high quality of life, peaceful atmosphere, political stability, fantastic climate, friendly people who like foreigners, excellent business environment and natural beauty.

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