From Gringo To Tico e-book

This is the book that you need if you are planning to live, and lots of good information if you already do live in Costa Rica.

It tells you things no one else has….about actually living in Costa Rica, particularly the southern zone as that is where the author lives.

She tells you about how to get around, where to buy things, how to get a cell phone…lots of other things that you need to know to make life a bit easier in this wonderful country! How to deal with bugs, snakes and other issues that can make life ‘not so pleasant’!

 It was originally written by two women who moved here, took notes; and then were encouraged to write a book from the notes.  Rita has done the updates and keep the Facebook page and the book updated.  

It is jam packed with the most current valuable information for everyone who is planning to spend any length of time in Costa Rica.

 The 2021 UPDATED E-BOOK IS AVAILABLE as a download for only $9.99

For your latest and most current information go to and “like”  our Facebook page – “GringoToTico”.

Ask your questions here… they will be answered as best as Rita can, coming from her own personal experience and research.

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