Come visit us, next to the Dinosaurs!

These aren’t just a few lucky stories; for the “Golden Generation,” who have migrated from the world’s northern climates, this is very common. It really does feel as if we have added an extra 10 years onto our lives

This is likely one of the biggest financial decisions of your entire life, and you need a Realtor® if you want to do it right. Here's why. 

Some of the types of taxes you may encounter while living in Costa Rica:

If you are already living here or thinking about moving to Costa Rica, we hope you will find the following collection of information useful, as you explore the rules and subtleties of each of the taxes you might encounter:


Costa Rica has relaxed the requirements for arriving visitors, and expanded the list of U.S. states, from which it will welcome tourists in September, Tourism Minister Gustavo Segura announced Thursday, Aug 27, 2020!

This new, legal process has resulted in several changes in how real estate companies operate and report transactions to the Costa Rican government. Making it safer for buyers!


At Century 21 Ballena Properties we have developed "Digital Services program"  to assist You with purchases here in the Costa Rica real estate market! We can assist you with virtual technology!


At Century 21 Ballena Properties we have been continuing our efforts to keep you updated to the opportunities here in the Costa Rica real estate market, and are available to assist you with virtual technology!


It is true that the world is in unfamiliar territory, and that no one can say for sure what the immediate or long term future holds. We, here at C21 Ballena Properties, are listening closely to our buyers and our clients. 

Driving in Costa Rica can be a challenge. It is about being a defensive driver at all times; and being prepared for a multitude of possible reactions of other drivers.  There are narrow roads, hills, curves, rivers, not enough passing zones, etc.   So, now... you have had an accident and what do you do??