The CAJA is responsible for the actions that are carried out in the areas of disease prevention, medical treatment, as well as the coordination of a large system of hospitals and clinics throughout the country. This system has around 29 hospitals and more than 1000 Ebais (local medical clinics). 

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I have identified 7 common barriers to having the perfect expat life be all want it to be. But be forewarned; achieving that life is not always easy and you will need to work at it.  Living in Costa Rica is a “simpler life” but not necessarily an “easier Life”!


The origins of the names of places are sometimes obvious and sometimes obscure. The stories of how the places in the south central coastal region got their names are often interesting and tell us something about the area where we live.

When foreigners consider moving to Costa Rica or buying a vacation home in this paradise, they many times choose a beach community to enjoy everything that living in a warm tropical country has to offer.

Some sellers ask if they need to sign a sales agreement. YES!! 

The next question is what is the commission and the cost of closing fees.....

A real estate sales/ purchase agreement is the contract where the seller gives the buyer the exclusive right to purchase a specific piece of property. The contract stipulates all the details accepted by both parties on the property transaction and make it legally binding.

There are numerous essential steps in a real estate transaction that are provided by the Realtor and the support staff in the Realtors office. Traditionally these have been viewed simply as part of a Realtor's responsibilities to the client. But, understand one important fact, without the assistance, knowledge and experience that a professional Realtor brings to the table, the transaction could easily be placed in jeopardy.

The process for finding and purchasing a property in Costa Rica can be a little longer than you may be accustomed to— especially when beginning your search from outside of the country.

These days that search usually begins by searching the internet to see what is available and the price points for the different types of property in Costa Rica.

 Want to make sure you enjoy your new life in the sun. Whatever your situation is, you will want to avoid some of the challenges that may come up when living in another culture. Here are a few tips.