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It is true that the world is in unfamiliar territory, and that no one can say for sure what the immediate or long term future holds. We, here at C21 Ballena Properties, are listening closely to our buyers and our clients. 

Driving in Costa Rica can be a challenge. It is about being a defensive driver at all times; and being prepared for a multitude of possible reactions of other drivers.  There are narrow roads, hills, curves, rivers, not enough passing zones, etc.   So, now... you have had an accident and what do you do??

It can take anybody a while to learn how to enjoy the ‘retired’ life, no matter what country you are in.   And, being an expat, any time; takes a bit of “pioneer attitude” and resiliency!  Figuring out how to be retired, and an expat at the same time, can be a an exploration!

Most expat parents want their children to graduate with a US or International diploma. This may be easier than you first think... There are four private schools on the Ballena Coast, where Spanish and French are taught as a second languages. And, there are many “Costa Rican” public schools.

The 2020 High Season is in full swing here on the Ballena Coast, in Costa Rica. It began early, again, this year; and we are experiencing a huge increase of tourists, from many different countries; as well as many long-term renters who are “trying” Ojochal!  

The CAJA is responsible for the actions that are carried out in the areas of disease prevention, medical treatment, as well as the coordination of a large system of hospitals and clinics throughout the country. This system has around 29 hospitals and more than 1000 Ebais (local medical clinics). 

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I have identified 7 common barriers to having the perfect expat life be all want it to be. But be forewarned; achieving that life is not always easy and you will need to work at it.  Living in Costa Rica is a “simpler life” but not necessarily an “easier Life”!



The origins of the names of places are sometimes obvious and sometimes obscure. The stories of how the places in the south central coastal region got their names are often interesting and tell us something about the area where we live.