People often ask “What’s a Green Season”? Should we visit Costa Rica then?

Over the past years we have experienced the greatest number of visitors to our Ballena Coast in the traditional “High Season” or “Dry Season”, as its referred to. Included in this group were a number of people seeking out a lifestyle change and wanting to invest in real estate.

This cycle has changed, and we are now seeing more visitors and people in the “Green Season” searching for their own piece of paradise than ever before. So “What’s Green season” you may wonder.

In Costa Rica, it’s the time of the year when many areas of the country receive the rains that define the term “Rainforest”. Those of us who live here full time tend to prefer the Green Season. The pace is slower due to less tourists. It is a cooler time of year, and of course, it’s Greener! From late April to September you can expect to experience the rains that define the term “Green Season” What you can expect is hot, bright and sunny mornings up until early afternoon and then the rains will start and continue through the evening,

October is usually when you can expect the heaviest rainfalls here on the Pacific side – and it will rain! Often a few inches in a few hours! Sometimes the showers dump buckets of rain for up to a half an hour and then stop as suddenly as they started; and sometimes the heavier rain will last for a couple hours.

During the “Green Season” the countryside is lush and green and looks like you would expect a tropical country to look like. Because everything is so green, there is more fruit on the trees, more flowers blooming and an awakening of life in the rainforest. This ultimately means the animals, of which Costa Rica is so famous for, are more active and abundant. You are much more likely to have a “close encounter” with a monkey, or a sloth, listen to and watch the toucans, experience the magnificent flight of the scarlet macaw and enjoy many more of our rainforest neighbors.

Because this is such a beautiful time of year, and the fact that prices for travel are less; it is becoming a favored time for people to visit us, here in the southern zone of Costa Rica! Flights, rental cars, hotel rooms all cost a bit less in the Green Season, making travel more affordable for many!  It is not as busy, as in “high season”; traffic is better, getting reservations for rooms on a whim or an activity is possible and easier!

But here is the best part about the “Green Season”; taking advantage of the real estate investment opportunities available. The professional team here at Century 21 Ballena Properties refer to these as “Green Season” deals. Reduced pricing by some of our sellers provide scenarios that can save you money. We are proud to offer you an easily searchable web-site where you can browse in the price range of your choice and discover some reduced pricing and some of those great “Green Season” deals! Or give us a call and we will personally assist you in your search for a property that is right for you.

Come visit us and experience the “Green Season” for yourself.

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