Low Inventory on the Ballena Coast


Marcel Van Willigen has been active in the real estate industry on the Ballena Coast for over 17 years. He has never seen a stronger housing market than the current one.

“It’s unbelievable but there is hardly any good inventory left,” the broker and co-owner of C21 Ballena Homes says! 

For potential buyers, the shortage of homes on the market, combined with a surge of competition from other purchasers, is setting off fast paced activity and you can sense a Fear of Missing Out.

Inventory is at a near-historic low, while demand for homes continues to grow.

This can be frustrating for eager buyers!

  • The hottest “pandemic purchase” is a house away from cities and populated areas, and apparently Costa Rica is a much desired place. More and more people look to remove themselves from North American and European politics. 
  • Existing home sales, which have trended upward since Costa Rica re-opened from lockdown in early November 2020, have soared to an all-time high in the early months of 2021, with no end in sight. 
  • Home prices are increasing and selling much quicker than they ever have; if priced correctly and in decent condition.
  • Homebuying in Costa Rica, only projects to become more expensive, if not impossible. If homes keep selling at this rate, our area could actually run out of homes to sell in just a few months.

Bottom Line

With a currently low number of homes coming to the market, anyone thinking of listing their property now, is in a prime position to sell. We are seeing record lows for the number of days a home is listed on the market, with many of the homes getting multiple bids and often higher than asking price.

On the flip side, waiting to sell could mean losing interested buyers to new construction homes.

You do want to relocate here…? What do you do? What are your options?

 There are many lots – ranging from 1/3 to 5+ acres, spread throughout the village of Ojochal and the Ballena Coast area.  It is becoming more and more lucrative to purchase a lot, and build exactly the house that you want.  This may sound daunting, to do this in a foreign country…But we have good news!

Questions about costa ballena real estate? We at C21 Ballena Properties have a sister company, Ballena Homes.  Our team can help you to build exactly what you want, at a good price point.  Talk to us! We are here to assist you!

                                                  Go to www.BallenaHomes.com to see what the construction team can do!  

                                                                Every home is custom designed to suit the owners wishes!

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