C21 Ballena Properties – #2 in Central America in 2020!!


Century 21 Ballena Properties is on the move! 

Not only in the literal sense – we announced our physical move into our upgraded stylish new offices in Plaza Ventanas (behind the giant dinosaurs) in our last post in January – but with a huge expansion of business activity as well.

In point of fact:  Our office has generated more sales volume in just the first 2 months of 2021 than during a whole normal year of sales! We had a very strong surge of new business to end 2020 on a high note – despite the global crisis that generally flattened sales all over the world — then hit the “turborchargers” after ringing in the New Year, which promises to be a major record-breaker. Speaking of unprecedented success….

Century21 Ballena Properties, with its dynamic Multinational Team, elevated itself to the lofty perch of the #1 in 2018. This monumental achievement happened just 4 short years after Century 21 Ballena Properties opened its doors. In spite of formidable competition from the approximately 20 other Central American C21 franchise offices (and, of course, the many other real estate brokerages scattered up and down the coast here), Ballena Properties still managed to claim the #2 spot in Central America for both 2019 and 2020. Imagine what may happen this year with us beating average yearly numbers already, with a full 8 more months to go!

For you the customer, however, the best measure of a Real Estate Office is not how many awards they have won, where they stand among the competition, or how many sales they have closed. Rather it is how well the contracted agents serve you, the client. As you can read yourself in the glowing testimonials, the staff at C21 Ballena Properties understand this fundamental concept very well, and have their priorities properly aligned. Taking care of buyers, sellers, and all others involved in the challenging task of closing a win-win property transaction is the goal that drives them to top performance each and every day, and serves as their primary focus. In other words, the Century21 Ballena Team got to be #1 in the region by making you #1.

Creating and closing successful real estate deals is always a team effort. Your C21 Ballena Properties Team is made up of a highly diverse international mix that includes native-born Costa Ricans, North Americans, and Europeans from various countries.  7 languages are spoken fluently, including even Russian and Czech. ALL the agents are CRGAR Licensed Realtors, and so were required to pass the CRGAR training course and fulfill important qualifications before being able to work as a “licensed knowledgeable agent” for this award-winning office.

In addition to the Realtors themselves, C21 Ballena Properties is part of a ‘Triple Crown’ of interconnecting professional services: the property sales office, a full-service law firm, and a custom construction company, all located conveniently in the same professional, commercial center right off the scenic coastal highway (protected by a full-sized T. Rex no less). Add to this unique combo of top-level offices, add the peerless international database of the Century21 Global Network, made up of over 200,000 agents all over the globe who are available to your personal representative, here at Ballena Properties to consult with at any time. By choosing the stellar team of C21 Ballena Properties, your ultimate success is guaranteed.

When Century 21 Ballena Properties established this franchise office only 7 years ago. They set a very ambitious goal to be the #1 Century 21 franchise office in all of Central America — and it took them only 4 years to make it happen. Now in 2021, after several years at or near the top of sales charts, and after assembling an incredibly diverse and proven professional Team that rivals the best worldwide, the probability is very high that they can facilitate the same success for you, and assist you to manifest your own personal Tropical Dream come true. When you can work with The Best, why would you ever settle for less?

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