2018 New Year

As we enter the first weeks of 2018, a new year, we often think about resolutions, dreams, and actions we want to take … it is all about the future and this is where it starts. Our readers come from varied backgrounds, varied climate zones and varied political challenges. These varied areas all influence what we want out of life. Our business is promoting lifestyle changes and opportunities. It is what we do best. 

To quote a favorite saying “If nothing changes, nothing changes!”. So, if change is on the horizon for you in 2018, what do you think could be an encouraging idea to help cause that difference?  Remember, a new year is about new beginnings, and your change could be as simple as starting a positive thought process. One small step is all it takes to set things into motion. 

Here are some questions that you may or may have not thought about, your answers could be very powerful. 

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Would it require a lifestyle and/or location change?

What small step can you take to begin the process to realize this?

What decisions or changes in your current situation would you have to make?

What is holding you back from making those decisions? 

If your answer to the first question is remotely close to “living in a tropical and friendly country” then you may need some more information to assist you. Costa Rica is a desirable and very popular choice among people who come from those varied backgrounds, varied climate zones and varied political challenges. 

Maybe this is the year you will begin to take that action that will require a lifestyle and or location change.  Purchasing property and moving to Costa Rica is a superb option, so what comes next? 

What questions do you need answers for? What information do you need?  What can our team of experienced advisors provide to assist you? We here at CENTURY 21 Ballena Properties have all been in this position and had to answer the same questions. 

The results are that we are here in Costa Rica because we took actions and made those decisions.

This makes us uniquely qualified to assist you in your transition to a new lifestyle and location.

Contact us to learn from our experiences and how we can help you realize your dream!

Do you have a question about this blogpost or costa rica real estate for sale? Contact us for more information. 

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