What will 2018 bring?

Well, what will 2018 bring? 

We, here at CENTURY 21 Ballena Properties are seeing a big change in our business, in activity in the community!

It is getting busier, and busier.  We are selling properties faster than ever!  We have lots of folks looking at properties, the agents are very busy!

We are seeing inventory change…

…the good, flat, ocean view properties are getting bought up, and therefore prices for these are becoming a premium!

… houses priced in the “hot zone” of $350 -$450 are selling fast and our inventory is getting low. If you have a home to list in that price range, please talk to us!  This lack of well-priced homes, means more people are choosing to build.  Ballena Homes can build a really nice home on the lot of your choice, in this price range.

What does this mean for you, the buyer?  Prices will increase over the next year, and inventory is changing faster than it has in the past years.  If your price range is in the “hot Zone”, and you can’t find what you want, you may be wanting to look at building and getting exactly what you do want.

What does this mean for you, the seller?  Prices for the flat, ocean view lots, with good usable areas may increase. We may begin to see more activity on any large usable space, flat lots that are priced well.  Homes priced in the “hot zone” will sell faster than they have in the past years. 

Do you have a question about this blogpost or costa rica real estate for sale? Contact us for more information. 

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