Some Reasons Why People Who Move to Costa Rica Become Healthier


Can moving to Costa Rica really make you healthier?

In the years that we have lived in Costa Rica, we experienced and have noticed that a large number of Expats say the same things:

  • I’ve lost 30 lbs. since moving here six months ago and haven’t done anything different!
  • I don’t have any arthritis down here!
  • My blood pressure was skyrocketing and now it’s better!
  • I just feel better!

These aren’t just a few lucky stories; for the “Golden Generation,” who have migrated from the world’s northern climates, this is very common. It really does feel as if we have added an extra 10 years onto our lives!



I personally was taking a daily dose of Vitamin D before moving to Costa Rica. We left frigid, dark, Alberta in the beginning of winter. As you can imagine, my mood significantly improved upon arrival. Access to warmer weather also loosens up the joints. I’ve heard many retirees tell me that their arthritis doesn’t bother them at all down here. A few minutes a day of sun, keeps us healthier!  As long as you don’t leave yourself too long in the strong mid-day sun, that we get being so close to the equator, you can enjoy the benefits of sunlight with less risk accompanied by prolonged exposure. Remember… “only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun!”


I was surprised at how much I slowed down after leaving North America. Everything goes at a slower pace here as well. One friend laughed as he stated, “People live like 20 years ago here.” It really is like that, though. Even though the country does have malls and movie theaters, high speed internet, etc. the average citizen takes their time.


There is an outdoor market, called the feria, held weekly in almost every town. At most of these ferias, the vendors are the actual farmers. If you can’t catch the local feria, no worries, there are fruit and vegetable stands along the neighborhood roads every day. The produce is cheaper here than in North America, and more importantly, it’s not shipped and stored in refrigerated warehouses; meaning it is fresh! It goes from the tree, to the farmer’s truck, right to your fridge!


Living in a less industrialized country means that you are exposed to a much lower amount of toxins. It goes hand-in-hand that the less people there are, the healthier the ecosystem. Costa Rica enjoys a lush and diverse environment, only burdened by humans in the bigger cities. Where we are, on the Ballena Coast, have little air traffic, fewer cars, no heating of homes/ office with furnaces spewing exhaust into the air!

Believe it or not, the water is overall cleaner here than in North America.  They don’t put many additives in the water here.  It is mostly all mountain spring-fed sources; and slightly chlorinated to keep the lines clean and bacteria free. I can taste the difference in the water here. It tastes purely fresh and hydrating. When I visit North America, I can’t help but notice the metallic taste from even a filtered water source. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather drink pure water!


We love living in the warmer climate and having an all-around better life! Every once in a while, I go to one of the local “gringo” cafes or restaurants; and it’s like an expat, retired club in there! They don’t miss North America, and they don’t mind being away from grandkids — because everyone wants to come and visit them here in paradise! And now, with so many virtual methods of keeping in touch with friends and family back home; it is so easy to keep in touch with loved ones.

Most people have made a new life, with a like-minded group of friends, and aren’t going anywhere. I personally enjoy delving into society, mingling with the locals and creating community, and it is possible for you to create your own piece of community in Costa Rica! You can get to know your neighbours; learn how to live a simpler life than you had back home, in much prettier, more healthy surroundings! 

Sunrises with the birds singing, amazing sunsets, morning beach walks, breathing cleaner air, drinking cleaner water, fresh produce!  What more could you ask for??

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