Why Moving to Jaco Beach/ Herradura Costa Rica is a Good Idea


When foreigners consider moving to Costa Rica or buying a vacation home in this paradise, they many times choose a beach community to enjoy everything that living in a warm tropical country has to offer.

Costa Rica has coasts on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, with miles and miles of beautiful beaches to explore, however, there are a few that have become favorites among expats, one of them is Jaco Beach.

Just a little over an hour drive from San José, Jaco has something for everyone, even though many times Jaco is commonly referred to as just a party town, there is a lot more to it, yes, there is definitely a party scene if that´s what you are looking for, but in reality there is something for everyone, it all depends on what you are interested in. Here are some of the reasons why moving to Jaco Beach / Herradura is a good idea:

– Location: 

Clearly one of the reasons Jaco is probably one of the most popular beach communities in Costa Rica has to do with its proximity to the capital city. Its location compared to other beaches and National Parks makes it perfect for those looking for balance between the comforts of urban life and the benefits of living at the beach and surrounded by nature.

– Wellness and Fun: 

Looking for an easy-going lifestyle? Jaco is a fun beach community, bars, restaurants, theater, yoga studios, art exhibits, there are a number of entertainment options to satisfy different tastes and preferences; and, of course, you cannot forget the surf, horseback riding, ATV´s and the wide number of different tours and activities available for those that are always looking to live new adventures.

– Weather: 

The weather in the Central Pacific offers warm temperatures year round ranging between 80°F to 95°F. Dry months run from mid-November through the end of April and the rest of the year it’s what’s called ¨Green Season¨ . In Costa Rica green season means there is rainfall almost every day but usually only for a few hours or a portion of the day.

– Expat Community: 

As we mentioned before, many foreigners call Jaco their home, a large number of expats specially from North America have chosen to live here and also run their own business in town. The locals are friendly, and a large number speak English; these two factors are a great help when you are new in town.

– Affordable Real Estate: 

In comparison to other expat communities in San Jose, and other beach towns, prices for real estate in Jaco are actually quite reasonable. You can get a beautiful condo or apartment overlooking the ocean for a portion of what it would cost you in a coastal town of the United States.

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Relocating to paradise is simple if you follow the right procedure.

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