Costa Rican homes with mountain and nature views

Would you love to have a jungle and mountain view from your home?

Is an ocean view not an option for you, because you are more into nature views?

You have arrived at the right place; Costa Rica has other benefits that made this country world famous, besides the fact of not having a standing army.  

Costa Ballena area offers some magnificent options for homes with nature views all over the country, for all budgets.

So, moving to Costa Rica for its nature and looking at homes that have mountain and nature views makes a lot of sense, right?

Century 21 Ballena Properties is able to offer homes for sale with some amazing mountain and nature views all along the Ballena Coast.

Where to look for nature view homes…

They are everywhere, nestled in the mountains that raise off the ocean along the Ballena coast… and are a lower cost option.

The entire Ballena Coast is surrounded by various protected areas, and the Talamonco Mountain range behind… giving a lot of opportunity for amazing Mountain and nature views!

Protected areas

Costa Rica has many protected areas, such as its rivers and creeks, by having created a 15 meter setback from all creeks and rivers. This setback is an area where nobody is allowed to build on, a buffer zone, to protect the wildlife and trees around those rivers.

If you haven’t fallen in love with Costa Rica yet and want to explore the happiness of nature, feel free to check out this 1:21 minute beautiful video by the Costa Rica Tourism board.

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