Anywhere you choose to live will require some compromises, either on the weather, or the size of the town, or something.

What is your "Perfect"?

Why would anyone spend time in the most expensive country in Central America…  with the most diluted culture?

Oh right, because it’s the most amazing country in Central America… if not the world.

We came to live a different, simpler life, with a slower pace.

To find the right property for you in Costa Rica, you may have to connect with your inner desires!

What do you want your new life to look like, to be? 

Let's distal this down to what you really want...

It can’t possibly snow in Costa Rica – it’s the tropics Been there, seen that.  It’s unusual enough, but I grew up in Alberta and know snow when I see it.  It definitely snowed on us at the top of “Cerro de la Muerte” one November rainy day..   the highest point in the Costa Rican section of the Inter-American Highway. Its name means "Mountain of Death" or "Summit of Death," si ...

Would you love to have a jungle and mountain view from your home? Is an ocean view not an option for you, because you are more into nature views? You have arrived at the right place; Costa Rica has other benefits that made this country world famous, besides the fact of not having a standing army.   Costa Ballena area offers some magnificent options for homes with nature views a ...

What should you look for when buying property? Look at the demographics and seek out areas of strong population growth. Look at the economic conditions, is the area growing, are new businesses flourishing? Identify areas where new infrastructure will positively affect property value (roads, airports). Look for strong retirement communities. This affluent group positively effec ...

In Costa Rica, we buy and sell land in square meters and in hectares, not in acres. And we measure houses in square meters, not in square feet. If you were educated in a different measurement system, it’ll take you a while to get used to it, but don’t give up your hopes of being able to adjust to a different measurement system as measurement conversion can eventually become old ...

Can a simple move really make you into a healthier person?

Can breathing clean air, drinking clean water, eating fresh food really make you healthier?

YES it does!!!

What does winter cost you???  Think about that!