‘Success happens when opportunity and preparedness meet.’ Right now in Costa Rica’s fantastically abundant southern zone, known officially as the Costa Ballena region, there is no better time than the present to put this ancient wisdom into practice! Due to the unprecedented influx of cash buyers flooding into this region buying up almost everything coming onto the market within weeks of the properties being listed, it would be both prudent and intelligent for property seekers to set up an Escrow Account immediately upon arrival here so you don’t lose out to others more prepared than yourself. Setting yourself up in advance for success is now not just a good idea, not only a ‘wise investment strategy’, but also basically necessary these days in order to secure the best available property that suits your personal needs. There is, quite simply, no time left to dawdle.

In case you haven’t heard yet, the COVID restrictions on travel, boarding planes, and entry into the country – including mask-wearing — have now ALL been dropped in both Costa Rica and the USA. The process began here in Costa Rica starting back in April (, and the remaining federal restrictions and requirements were finally withdrawn fully in the United States this month of June ( So all people from all countries can now enter Costa Rica without showing any kind of ‘papers’, nor needing to buy ‘COVID Insurance’. The point is that, since there is now nothing holding anyone back from coming to this tropical wonderland to vacation or live, especially from the USA – including the added advantages of the Digital Nomad visa option for those who qualify, plus the recent
reduction of requirements for those contemplating Residency through financial investment – we at Century 21 Ballena Properties have seen a huge influx of buyers coming into this area, driving our monthly sales up even higher than in our record-breaking year of 2021. The market is not only ‘hot’, but actually on FIRE!

And for those seeking more than just a piece of land or home to hang their hat in, the amazing number of social events, learning opportunities and teachers who live in this area will add fullness and dynamism to your social life once you’re settled in. We have written before about the exceptional opportunities for health and healing that one can avail themselves of in this pristine region, much of which is simply the enjoyment of Nature in her unaltered, nurturing state. Besides the largest and most popular festival in Central America (the Envision Festival), this coastline hosts several other annual festivals, expos, and other social events as well. As a point of fact, there are two new events scheduled for July and August of 2022: one is a Healing Arts Expo, and another is a ceremonial gathering hosted by an authentic South American Shaman. One major event theme is fundraising for local charities (turtle nesting recovery efforts, animal spay and neuter clinics, the Costa Ballena Lifeguard Association, local schools, etc.), two more of which are scheduled in the next month or so.

The time could not be more ripe for acquiring your personal slice of paradise. But you better act quickly, and come fully prepared, ready to hit the ‘Go’ button. Our experienced Team at Century 21 Ballena Properties has all the information, and contacts, to facilitate your upgraded lifestyle with ease and grace.

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