Digital Client Services

Servicios Digitales

 In these tumultuous times of  “COVID-19”, much of our lives are now lived virtually.

Did you know that the C21 Ballena Properties real estate experience can be completed totally “virtual”?  Our team can offer you a fully “virtual” experience of choosing your perfect property and completing the purchase process.

You begin by booking a free virtual consultation with an agent and expert in Costa Ballena real estate.

The agent will have a conversation with you, discuss the exact characteristics of what you are looking for; which will assist as he/she searches what is available in the area of your choice.

Next, the agent will email you a list of properties that fit your criteria. Each property link will have pictures, a detailed description of the size, features, and location.  The agent will be available to discuss the information by phone call, video-chat, email; to answer any additional questions and discuss the property options.

After you have selected your favorite “potentials”, your agent will schedule virtual property tours for you. This can either be a live tour while on video-chat or the agent can prepare a pre-recorded virtual tour, so that you can take your time and look around the property at your own pace. Or both!

If you find a property that you fall in love with, the next steps of virtual real estate transaction is made easy with our “digital client services”. All documents including initial offer, sales contract and escrow files can be completed electronically, via email. 

After successfully negotiating the closing terms; our team, as always, will conduct a detailed property inspection / take inventory; and other standard due diligence items, on your behalf.

We will video conference with you for all of these steps, so that you can feel confident and be included in the process. We will provide you with a detailed report with all of the information, before the “closing” happens.

Your attorney will prepare a “power of attorney” with you, to be able to sign the closing documents on your behalf.

Your agent will do “virtual video call” for the “closing”.  You will be included and a part of every action for the purchase!

With the prevalence of technology, owning a property in Costa Rica is closer than it seems. Make it a reality for you, with the help of C21 Digital client services.

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