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There are many reasons people fall in love with Costa Rica, and none of those have gone away with the current world situation.  The world has taken notice of how Costa Rica has been handling the Covid-19 situation, with full preparedness.

Now, we are all getting ready for the world to open up again, and Costa Rica is doing this in an efficient and safe manner. We hope that flights will begin again soon, giving foreigners a chance to come back to their homes, their vacation homes, come to discover this natural, adventure wonderland for the first time; or come back to research their paradise in the sun and the lush surroundings of this friendly country.

Our team has had many people reaching out to us, who are feeling the pull to move, and are asking our advice. Some are looking for relocation, and others are looking for a “getaway home” that also generates passive revenue and is a wise investment.

Although nothing is perfect, I cannot emphasize enough how incredible Costa Rica is; it is our favorite place on earth!

Costa Rica is very peaceful, stable, and safe. Many do not know this, but it actually has one of the lowest homicide rates in the world. It is frequently voted the “happiest country in the world” also.

The economy is very stable, and the area that we are in is amazing!   It’s like living in the garden of Eden. The air is very oxygen rich and clean; less traffic, all most no planes flying overhead. 

Costa Ricans (they refer to themselves as “ticos”) are very relaxed and welcoming. Their motto is “pura vida”, the pure life. It is a way of being that allows you to slow down and be present. It’s incredible.

There is a level of safety and security that Costa Rican’s have, because most people own their own homes, they grow food, have clean water sources, and very clean air.

They are not in “debt slavery”. This is important, because it helps to create a more stable economy.

At Century 21 Ballena Properties, we have been continuing our efforts to keep you updated to the opportunities here in the Costa Rica real estate market, and are preparing for your safe visit to explore and enjoy.  Click here, please, to find some of our top listings.

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Our agents are set up to work “virtually” to show you properties, and are available to answer your questions! 

We are looking forward to serving you.

The team at C21 Ballena Properties

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