Which piece of land would you, as a buyer, be more inclined to consider?

This one… Uncleared and hard to visualizeOr this one?

Both are the same property… but the difference is that the owner has spent a few $$ to make it attractive and easy to access…. amazing what a building site and a driveway can do to show the lot. Now, potential buyers can drive on to the building site!  They can visualize the home and see the potential of the lot.

The challenge that we as professional real estate agents have, is showing property to potential buyers that cannot visualize the potential of the land. Their first thoughts are what would the view be like and where could they build their new home with a pool…

With this extra investment, the lot shown above Can and Will be sold!!

Let’s take another example…..

This one?? Or this one?

Again… same lot!  The difference being ease of access, as now clients can walk it, begin to see what the view would be like, what the breezes feel like and where they could build. Most people have challenges visualizing where a building site may be, and when the lot is covered in jungle, it makes it even harder! 

But as you can see from the above sample, this property Can and Will be sold!!

To all those that want to sell their land, please make note of this!  With a small investment in creating a building site and ensuring good access; you can make your land far more marketable!  The Realtor can now show your property and demonstrate features, benefits and advantages!

Remember this, the buyer can’t walk a lot or see the potential; they simply say “NEXT”!  And move on to the next lot that they can walk and can see the potential. The inventory of available properties on the Ballena Coast is huge!  What will make your property stand out and attract the attention of a buyer. What will make them want to spend time on it, see the potential and then purchase it?

Simple things like having a driveable entrance and the plantels graded makes all the difference!!

If you are a seller and would like to make your property more marketable, please contact our office; we can assist by advising you of what will allow your property to sell faster and at the right price point.

Do you have a question about this blogpost or costa rica real estate for sale? Contact us for more information. 

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