Buying your “dream” property in Costa Rica

To find the right property for you in Costa Rica, you may have to connect with your inner desires!

What do you want your new life to look like, to be? 

When we are first contacted by people interested in buying property in Costa Rica, we talk about what it is that they really want.

  • What are you looking for in a property, size, flat or on a slope? Acreage, large lot or town sized lot?
  • Do you want an ocean view, mountain view?
  • Ease of access?
  • Would you like to be in a jungle setting, with lots of nature around?
  • Or would you prefer being in a neighborhood setting with convenient access to a town’s services?
  • Do you want a secure, gated community?
  • Are you interested in gardening, growing food, etc?
  • Is being a part of an active community important to you?
  • Anything else??

Then, let us take a look at all the possible reasons that you might have for wanting to relocate to Costa Rica and throw them in a pot, boil them down and see what you get as one of the most basic, fundamental reasons for making this lifestyle change. 

This article is about what we find at the bottom of that pot.

 What is it about life in the more developed countries that compels people to look elsewhere for a change?

Why, despite the advances in technology, etc. are people looking to a less developed country as a place of retreat? What are folks really looking for?

 The first and most obvious answer we get is the reduced cost of living… this depends on where you are currently living. It can include reduced cost of healthcare and related insurances, etc. Reduced prices of basic needs –especially for Canadians! No more paying the high cost of heating your home, buying winter clothes!  When was the last time you  paid $4.00 er hour for cleaning staff or gardeners?

The second most common answer is “weather”.  People from colder climates are tired of shoveling snow, wearing heavy winter clothes, cold starting vehicles, just being in and dealing with below zero- degree weather. And the increasing cost of “winter”, heating costs, snow tires, winter clothing, etc.

The next most common answer is…a change of lifestyle, a slower pace of life.

Now we are getting to the “real” reasons!  I ask…what do you mean by this, what are you wanting to change?  Because at the end of the day…this is what will make or break your experience in Costa Rica.  Having clarity here is crucial!

  • Are these changes realistic for you?
  • What are you going to do to ensure this happens? Because, we often bring our old patterns and habits with us…change needs to be done consciously and with intention!

With all the emphasis on faster, more advanced communications and access to boundless information in our modern world, it would appear that there is a deep yearning in the human spirit for something else.  A desire to get back to a quieter time or place.

Does Costa Rica offer this? Yes – perhaps not as much as it did years ago, but still, yes. 

However; there is an irresistible pull in human society toward what we call “advancement” or “progress” – faster chips, faster communications, access to whatever services one might want. It takes effort to change this compulsion!

However; the net result on a day-to-day basis, a movement towards the simple.  Time spent in conversation with no interruptions. Time to absorb the catharsis of nature. A walk on the beach? A visit to a waterfall? A mind-blowing sunset?  Time to volunteer and make a difference in your community?

 So, as we take steps toward assisting you to make this move, culminating in the purchase of a property, take a minute and consider: What is the purpose you hope to achieve with such a purchase?  

Keep this question in the mix as you sort through the mechanics of the process. You’ll likely benefit by finding the property that is exactly the right one for you.

So, take this as a guide to the process. Consider the various aspects of your life in evaluating such a move.

If you still find it to be right for you, come to Costa Rica!

Do you have a question about this blogpost or costa rica real estate for sale? Contact us for more information. 

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