Can a simple move really make you into a healthier person?

Can a simple move really make you into a healthier person?

In our years of living in Costa Rica, we noticed that a large number of expats fit into one big category — retirees. In conversations with couples from all over North America, we’re hearing the same praises:

  • I’ve lost 20 lbs since moving here six months ago, and haven’t done anything different!
  • I don’t have any arthritis down here!
  • My blood pressure was sky-rocketing and now it’s normal!
  • And many other comments like these.

These aren’t just a few lucky stories; for the “Golden Generation,” who have migrated from the Americas’ northern countries, this is the norm. Many have been even told by their doctors that they have added an extra 10 years onto their life!

You don’t have to wonder too long before it is simple to see why moving to a warmer climate and a culture like that of Costa Rica can make such an impact on one’s health.

  1. You get more sunlight.

I personally was not taking a daily dose of Vitamin D before moving to Central America. We left frigid, dark Alberta, Canada in the thick of winter. As you can imagine, my mood significantly improved upon arrival. Access to warmer weather also loosens up the joints. I’ve heard many retirees beam that their arthritis doesn’t bother them at all down here.

As long as you don’t leave yourself too long in the steady sunlight present in a country much closer to the equator, you can enjoy the benefits of sunlight with less risk accompanied by pro-longed exposure.

  1. You have less stress.

I was surprised at how much I slowed down after a week of leaving the Canada. Even as a work from home person, I had this system of being busy all the time. Laundry, dishes, yard, meals all seemed to stress me out. It was always, “I need to get this done; I need to get that done.” I never felt relaxed. 

It is interesting that I noticed this behavior and began to naturally change shortly after being in Costa Rica. And the people are so friendly. They even do more than send an understanding smile my way — they help me!

Everything goes at a slower pace here, I had to learn to live in that!

  1. You have access to cheap local produce.

There is an out-door market, called the feria, held weekly in almost every town. In some places, it is an entire weekend event.

If you can’t catch the local feria, no worries, there are fruit and vegetable stands along the neighborhood roads every day. The produce is much cheaper here than in North America, and it’s not shipped or stored indefinitely in warehouses. It goes from the tree, to the farmer’s truck bed, right to your table!

  1. There is less pollution.

Living in a less industrialized country means that you are exposed to a much lower amount of toxins than living in North America.

Believe it or not, the water is safer here than in most of North America, too. They don’t put in any additives in the pipes here, it is mostly all mountain spring-fed. I can taste the difference in a cool glass of water here. It tastes purely fresh and hydrating. When I visit North America, I can’t help but notice the metalish taste from even a filtered water source. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather drink pure water! 

And….look up into the skies -how many planes do you see?  Living in the southern Zone, we have 3 small planes over the ocean per day. Traffic? …unless you are in San Jose…5 cars at an intersection deems it busy! No furnaces pumping out exhaust from heating homes….it goes on and on! ….how much less pollution does all that mean..?  How much less toxins is your body taking in?

Bottom Line

If I were a retired person, with no need to remain in the North America, I’d get myself off to a warmer climate and all-around better life pronto! I’ve popped in on a few “gringo” cafes, bars and restaurants, and it’s like an expat, retired club in there! They don’t miss their former life, and they don’t mind being away from grandkids — because everyone now wants to visit them here in paradise!

And the biggest plus…is that we all feel better, are taking less medications, eat better, sleep better, live better!

 It is the Pura Vida Life!!

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