Happy New Year! May all your dreams be realized in 2017!

The High Season is full on here in Costa Rica. We are seeing a lot of tourists in the area…. The village is very busy!  Lots of tourists means increased sales in the following year!

News from Ojochal:

  • We have a new restaurant, across from the CENTURY 21 office, on the highway. It is called Fusion! The food is awesome, with good prices! 
  • We now have a professional travel consultant and a tourist Center located in our CENTURY 21 office. For all your tours, and activities! 
  • Playa Ventanas has much better access to our favorite beach. Parking is closer to the beach and guards ensure that your things are safe. 
  • The weekly garbage pickup and recycling has been a long sought after event! We are so happy to see that truck go through the village every Saturday, picking up our garbage and once a month to pick up recycles!! 
  • Ojochal received it’s first Blue Flag in 2016; and has completed the work plan to get the second star in 2017! Ojochal is one of the few villages in Costa Rica with the prestigious flag! See it flying at the entrance to Ojochal!  Proof of how awesome this village is. 
  • The Ojochal Community Food bank / Family Resource center continues to support families in need or crisis! For more information, to donate or support, go to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ojochalfoodbank/ 

Currently, we have a large inventory of “Lots” for sale; and many of these properties are selling for less than the asking or original purchase price.

Sellers who own a “Lot” may want to consider a compromise or option, to allow for a healthier return on your investment. The demand for houses listed under $350,000 is soaring and this has created a realistic shortage of quality inventory in this price range.

Our Ballena Homes home construction management group could work with you, to provide a solution to both of these problems!

Building a reasonably priced home on your “Lot” will not only increase the chance of selling your property faster, it will add tangible value; because the house could also become a source of income to potential buyers, within the local rental market.

We are currently selling house packages for under $95.00 per square foot, depending on design and finishing.

Ask our team of specialists for more details; we have plans and prices that could fit your budget; and give you a better return on your investment!

The Ballena Homes Team works in partnership with a team of architects, designers, engineers, home construction specialists and infrastructure providers to deliver a complete range of professional services to our customers.

Concept to Completion!

Ballena Homes will manage each step of the process.

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