The Valle De El General is Poised for Launch, Grand Opportunities Abound

Investors be AWARE!! Now that the Costa Ballena area has already rocketed off into the stratosphere of land and housing prices over the last three years, putting most of the available properties way out of
reach to all but the wealthiest investors, many are looking to nearby areas to maximize the potential
returns of their real estate investments in the near-term future. The skyrocketing property values on the
coast has resulted in a flattening of the resale ROI curve for investors in the zone. The direct consequence of these factors has set up the inland areas of the coastal mountain ranges to be ideally positioned to take over the mantle as the ‘#1 ground floor investment opportunity’, the area boasting the greatest potential for both the near-term and long-term future. In addition, this higher-elevation inland zone, a short drive from the seaside attractions of the Whale Coast, is ideal for singles, couples and families hailing from northern latitudes, those seeking affordable property in cooler climes high above the hot sands without giving up easy access to the wonderful tropical coast lifestyle and activities. As we mentioned in our blog last year announcing the opening of our office for this region – the first among other Real Estate offices to do so – It is worth noting that our bilingual Real Estate agents in our office have been active in the area for quite some time now and are very knowledgeable in regard to great deals and opportunities available in the area! This agriculturally rich, fertile region that the locals simply call ‘Pérez´ has been one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in all of Central America for more than 15 years. This trend even appears to be accelerating, particularly in the coastal mountain areas to both the east and west of San Isidro, and all the way down to La Amistad National Park southeast of the El General Valley past Buenos Aires.

The burgeoning city of San Isidro De El General, where we at C21 Ballena Properties set up our highly successful satellite office, is the capital of this modern mini-metropolis. Many people are unaware that,
unlike the coastal region mentioned above, the area — and its ‘capitol city’ of San Isidro — is located in
the same exact province as the Capitol of Costa Rica, the Province of San José! It is a major governmental, commercial, and social hub for the region, and the people are exceptionally friendly, with most establishments having at least one employee speaking good to excellent English (including in the government offices). The city has stores for just about everything, including many international chains that you’ll probably recognize and in case you can’t find what you’re seeking locally, the store managers usually have good contacts in San José, and can often get it to you here quickly with very little effort or
cost. As one of the fastest growing cities in Central America – if not the fastest – San Isidro and its suburbs are a great option for retirees or families raising kids alike. There are all the amenities a retiree would want, plus private bi-lingual high schools for families. Living in this area has many health benefits,
such as the huge farmer’s market with fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses brought from local
area farmers and vendors that are open every Thursday and Friday in central San Isidro. Many expats
come here often from the coastal towns to shop, especially for electronics, car parts, building materials,
healthy fruits and vegetables at the best local prices, organic herbs and spices, and other hard-to-find
supplies. There are restaurants and night spots for everyone’s taste and style too, and all of the outlying suburbs have their own vibrant fun spots as well. Many foreign ex-pats are well-established in this area,
and have set up a number of social groups, foundations, local cultural events and gatherings, and even
classes and courses in things like yoga, organic farming, Spanish, Latin dance, etc. The many social and
political advantages of owning property in this area cannot be overstated. And on top of that, there is
really no ‘sacrificing’ the beach life at all (just the lowland heat and humidity, and who needs that 24/7?)
because the sun splashed sandy shores of the Pacific Coast are less than an hour’s drive away from
downtown San Isidro. You can literally go for a cool morning hike high in the soaring mountains, lunch at
the hot springs in the pleasantly temperate climate that needs no fans to keep you cool, and then easily
make it down to Dominical for a late afternoon surf session, followed by a romantic sunset dinner
overlooking the waves! Not a bad lifestyle at all, eh?

Despite all these powerful and dynamic cultural aspects, the primary attraction of this rapidly
developing region is not necessarily its connection to the country’s halls of power and influence, nor the
plethora of shopping centers (including a big mall with a modern multi-screen Movie Theater where 3D
films are featured), nor the ease with which those seeking social interaction can find enjoyable places
and activities. Surrounded by bucolic farmland, white water rivers, coffee plantations, and stunningly
beautiful natural environments, and sitting at the feet of the extinct volcano of Mt. Chirripó — the very
highest peak in all of Central America — this verdant ecological wonderland attracts tens of thousands of eco-tourists annually from all over the world. Chirripó National Park is a magnet to hiking enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, and many Europeans consider it a major ‘bucket list’ item to climb to the top of the Highest Mountain Peak in Central America, enjoying the rare view of two oceans from the summit as the sun rises over the Caribbean Sea. There is even an annual Race To The Peak, and many international runners and walkers come here to compete. The town located at the base of the National Park, San Gerardo de Rivas, sits at 1400m (4,600 ft.) among stands of a variety of high mountain tree species, including stands of pine, cypress, and eucalyptus, looking more like a village in the lower Alps
than a small town in Costa Rica. San Gerardo boasts scores of small family-owned eco-lodges, some of
which sit on the banks of lively mountain rivers full of massive volcanic boulders and succulent wild trout (served by many local restaurants). There is even a hot springs here that is open to the public, with local
cuisine served in their family owned diner. Whether or not one wishes to take on the challenge of
climbing Mt. Chirripó, this area is an ideal spot to get away from the lowland heat and go hiking, trout
fishing, bird watching, bathing in the local cascades and waterfalls, or socializing in the local hot springs.

There are many other wonderful attractions in the Pérez Zeledón area, honestly too numerous to list.
There is a confluence of fertile agricultural lands, cool (and even cold) high mountain micro-climates and ambience, dynamic city life, wide-spectrum commercial activity (including a rapidly expanding tourism industry), and tranquil country living. What’s not to like? For those of us who have already recognized and invested in – the grand potential and inevitable growth of this yet-undiscovered region, we feel for us and all incoming ground-floor investors that, like the title of an old song some of us remember rockin’ out to in the 1980’s, ‘The future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades!’

We are Kicking off 2022 strong!!

Century21 Ballena Properties has once again surpassed all expectations, and more than doubled their sales volume compared to 2020. 2021 was our best year ever! Talk about thriving in the face of adversity… Amazing. We owe it all to the stellar performance of our professional, experience staff, which stepped up admirably to the challenge, and not only transcended already lofty projections of possible success, but actually blew them away. As a result, C21 Ballena Properties has once again garnished multiple international awards, one for earning a spot as one of the Top Performing Offices in the region (again), and another two for Top Performers in sales volume for Central America.

The momentum we’ve generated over the past few years here on the Costa Ballena, enjoying stupendous growth in all branches of our real estate-centered group of businesses, has not only continued to accelerate, but actually led to us being able to open a brand new branch office in San Isidro de El General. The canton of Pérez Zeledón has been one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in all of Central America for more than 15 years, and we can see that trend not only continuing but even expanding greatly over the near term. So we chose to get a jump ahead of the crowd, so to speak, and establish ourselves more firmly in that rapidly growing region by hiring two multi-talented agents already deeply experienced in local business there. Being intimately familiar with the area and the markets already shall give our new Team Members in Pérez a distinct advantage over the competition. The advantages that this deep local experience in their own backyards will give to our two San Isidro agents shall, of course, be passed on to all our clients looking to get into that new market before it gets too wild. The new office is located in Central San Isidro in a very convenient location close to banks, stores, hotels, restaurants, and right in the heart of the growing city itself. Very easy to find, its central location also makes it easy to navigate the area on foot, especially assisted by the local knowledge of our agents who can give you insider tips on the area’s attractions.

Coming back to the coastal scene, we are now experiencing a major depletion of real estate inventory. Properties are selling so fast in the Costa Ballena area, we are getting multiple offers on almost every property we have listed, most of them close to or even at the asking price. It’s kind of crazy. Anyway, if you’re thinking of buying a home in paradise, or investing in this supercharged market (that doesn’t seem to be slowing down one iota), then the time is definitely now to make your move. If you are a local property owner already, and are considering using your accumulated equity to trade on up, this is also an ideal time to let us help you expand your dreams. As many have now directly experienced, and as one can see by checking out our glowing testimonials, we hold all our clients in the highest regard, and give both our buyers and sellers the utmost in guidance, attention and professional care. It is critically important to us that everyone involved in each and every transaction we facilitate – whether it is a property purchase or sale, new home construction, or legal services — is eminently satisfied with the final outcome.

We are so proud of our magnificent award-winning staff, which is made up of a highly diverse international mix. Remember that 7 languages are spoken fluently here, so there are never communication problems, no matter your background or cultural heritage. All our agents are CRGAR Licensed Realtors, so you can rest assured your transactions follow the strictest legal and ethical guidelines.

Excited to announce that Century 21 Ballena Properties has opened a new office in San Isidro!!!

The canton of Pérez Zeledón has been one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in all of Central America for more than 15 years. Our office has witnessed more and more interest in the Valle De El General, location of the largest metropolitan area in the southern zone of Costa Rica. San Isidro de El General, the Municipal seat of Perez Zeledón, is a bustling city with the full contingent of both private and public services. The continuing growth trend in this rich agricultural region, which also boasts the highest peak in Central America in Mt. Chirripó, inspired us to establish ourselves more firmly in this burgeoning real estate market.

Hiring two multi-talented agents that are already deeply experienced in local business there, both intimately familiar with the area and the markets already, shall give our Team a distinct advantage over the competition. Our new Century 21 Ballena Properties office is located in Central San Isidro in a very convenient location close to the heart of the growing city. The office’s central location also makes it easy to navigate the downtown area on foot if clients wish to see what’s available in the heart of the city. Besides pointing out all the most relevant real estate and business aspects of the city and surrounding regions, our local agents can also provide helpful insider tips on the area’s most compelling attractions.

And speaking of the new professionals staffing our Pérez Zeledón office, we like to introduce:

Axel Morales, he is a local Costa Rican who is passionate about sustainable development, and also the protection of his country’s natural resources in areas such as biodiversity, tourism and real state.
Tourism was one of the first areas of endeavor that provided him with experience in hospitality management as he worked and traveled in various countries. After 4 years abroad, he came back to his country of birth to seek opportunities in the Southern Pacific Zone, because that is where most of the more ecologically prestigious and sustainably designed hospitality projects are located. Axel has been involved in the hospitality industry for 5 years since his return. This chosen path to assisting his country to forge a more sustainable future facilitated his earning pivotal experience in customer service. The desire of supporting others in living their dreams, as he managed to achieve for himself, is one of his top priorities in life. For this reason, being part of Century 21 Ballena Properties and helping to open their new office in Pérez Zeledón, is a huge step to more fully manifest that goal. He looks forward to learning more about how to further promote sustainable development in Costa Rica, while also helping to protect the world famous biodiversity in this beautiful award-winning region.

Our newest addition to the Team in San Isidro is Lisandro Bermudez. Lisandro was born and raised in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica and, after graduating as an accountant in 2010, went into marketing. For 8 years he worked as a Marketing Manager and Sales Manager for two of the most important companies in this region of Costa Rica. Now with 12 years combined experience in these professions, he has become more than a real estate agent, serving additionally as a financial advisor for those who wish to take advantage of his knowledge in that area. These many years in professional sales and marketing helped him get to know most of the territories in Pérez Zeledón, and the wider Brunca Region as well. In his career Lisandro managed to earn the confidence of many people who, after meeting and talking with him, felt confident enough in his qualifications and character to entrust him to handle their property sales and purchases. As a marketing professional, Lisandro understands that a sale is more than just a transaction — it is the realization of the buyers’ tropical dream, and the successful climax of a significant life project for the sellers. Lisandro strives to conduct himself always in a most professional manner, and is highly interested in closing sales that generate maximum satisfaction for all parties involved.

For more information regarding Real Estate Listings in the Perez Zeledon area please contact:

Axel Morales:, WhatsApp (506) 8570-3805

Lisandro Bermudez:, WhatsApp (506) 8714-908 

They will be more than happy toassist.


‘Success happens when opportunity and preparedness meet.’ Right now in Costa Rica’s fantastically abundant southern zone, known officially as the Costa Ballena region, there is no better time than the present to put this ancient wisdom into practice! Due to the unprecedented influx of cash buyers flooding into this region buying up almost everything coming onto the market within weeks of the properties being listed, it would be both prudent and intelligent for property seekers to set up an Escrow Account immediately upon arrival here so you don’t lose out to others more prepared than yourself. Setting yourself up in advance for success is now not just a good idea, not only a ‘wise investment strategy’, but also basically necessary these days in order to secure the best available property that suits your personal needs. There is, quite simply, no time left to dawdle.

In case you haven’t heard yet, the COVID restrictions on travel, boarding planes, and entry into the country – including mask-wearing — have now ALL been dropped in both Costa Rica and the USA. The process began here in Costa Rica starting back in April (, and the remaining federal restrictions and requirements were finally withdrawn fully in the United States this month of June ( So all people from all countries can now enter Costa Rica without showing any kind of ‘papers’, nor needing to buy ‘COVID Insurance’. The point is that, since there is now nothing holding anyone back from coming to this tropical wonderland to vacation or live, especially from the USA – including the added advantages of the Digital Nomad visa option for those who qualify, plus the recent
reduction of requirements for those contemplating Residency through financial investment – we at Century 21 Ballena Properties have seen a huge influx of buyers coming into this area, driving our monthly sales up even higher than in our record-breaking year of 2021. The market is not only ‘hot’, but actually on FIRE!

And for those seeking more than just a piece of land or home to hang their hat in, the amazing number of social events, learning opportunities and teachers who live in this area will add fullness and dynamism to your social life once you’re settled in. We have written before about the exceptional opportunities for health and healing that one can avail themselves of in this pristine region, much of which is simply the enjoyment of Nature in her unaltered, nurturing state. Besides the largest and most popular festival in Central America (the Envision Festival), this coastline hosts several other annual festivals, expos, and other social events as well. As a point of fact, there are two new events scheduled for July and August of 2022: one is a Healing Arts Expo, and another is a ceremonial gathering hosted by an authentic South American Shaman. One major event theme is fundraising for local charities (turtle nesting recovery efforts, animal spay and neuter clinics, the Costa Ballena Lifeguard Association, local schools, etc.), two more of which are scheduled in the next month or so.

The time could not be more ripe for acquiring your personal slice of paradise. But you better act quickly, and come fully prepared, ready to hit the ‘Go’ button. Our experienced Team at Century 21 Ballena Properties has all the information, and contacts, to facilitate your upgraded lifestyle with ease and grace.