Today, Puerto Jiménez is a vital center of commerce for the peninsula. Puerto Jimenez is home to the regional airport connecting the Peninsula with all of the main destinations in Costa Rica and is located next to the town. Most of the residents and businesses in the Matapalo and Carate area have some office presence in town and purchase supplies and fuel here. Puerto Jimenez as a staging point for the Osa offers many advantages. Puerto Jimenez is centered geographically on the peninsula, reducing driving time for those interested in the Drake area of the peninsula as well as Matapalo or Carate.

While traditional tourism is a mature industry in Puerto Jimenez an enormous contribution to the economy comes from expatriate residents in the form of investment and development in real estate and commercial enterprise. Nevertheless, there remains a strong agricultural industry in the cattle, rice, and African palm sectors. The Osa is one of the rare places in the world with the climate and topography, coincidentally, to support three annual harvests of rice, a ready-cash crop. The Golfo Dulce is also a magnet for sport fishermen, as this large gulf is home to several species of fish that will push the skills of even the most experienced anglers to their limit.

Puerto Jimenez Real estate


Hotel/ Restaurant / Bar/ Tourism Project in Puerto Jimenez


US $3,900,000



The present-day operation of an 18 Room Hotel/Bar/Restaurant located on a strategic 4-acre property in Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula. The hotel is laid out in 8 separate buildings (approx. 800 m² of construction) distributed throughout 4 acres offering diverse opportunities for further development in different operational scenarios. It has a very large main building with public facilities, reception, kitchen, dining area, bar, events area, gardens with plenty of walking paths including bridges and boardwalks that takes you over & through the property's mangroves. The land backs onto a beautiful creek, exquisite mangrove system and a forest all located 300 meters from the beach, the boardwalk, the municipal airport and the town center of Puerto Jimenez.

The offering also includes the ownership rights to a fully approved and planned expansion for an additional 96 UNIT PROJECT. This project has all the design and architectural processes completed along with the finalized environmental impact studies and the approvals from the environmental and government agencies such as SETENA, MINAE and INVU. This process normally takes 18 to 24 months and a minimum of a million-dollar outlay, which has already been invested and is included in the features of this offering. The benefit of this feature is that the Buyer can begin immediately with the expansion. The only thing left to do is decide on one of three designs, present the construction documents and obtain the permits, which could be given within 60 to 90 days of the submission. The developer / owner of the Osa Eco Tourism Project has invested in and completed a detailed business plan and proforma which is also an integral component of the offering.

For more information please contact Darrel Simonson at Century 21 Ballena Properties

Property: ID # 19441

Property Area: 1.46 hectares

(4 acres)

Building Area: 800 m²

(8,610 ft²)

Buildings: 8 Structures

Rooms: 18




Las Lapas Beach Property

Incredible Beach Front Property on Golfo Dulce




The Las Lapas Beach Property has incredible potential for development due to its large beach front location and a 20-year concession with development rights. Opportunities for a Fishing Camp, Sailing School, Hotel, Lodge, Resort or Residential Development are just a few of the possibilities. Land is bordered on each side by a river and boasts 107 meters of incredible beach front that is only accessible from this property. The property has a private entrance road minutes from the main highway to Puerto Jimenez and is also accessible by boat from the gulf. Attached and adjacent to the beach frontage property is a large tract of land that can be developed in a number of different construction scenarios. Play Juanito Mora is home to countless species of local flora and fauna, and over half of this exceptional property is sculpted into a tropical paradise with expansive grass lawns, teak trees, and a stunning variety of ornamentals. The entire property is a paradise.  THE VALUE IS IN THE POTENTIAL TO DEVELOP.



Property: ID # 19380

Property Area: 5.45 hectares

(13.46 acres)

Building 1: Ocean Front Cabina

74.2 m² (800 ft²)

Building 2: Caretakers House

50 m² (540 ft²)


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