Costa Rica has an appeal that attracts people of all ages, from all walks of life and from all over the world.  These adventurous types are seeking to move to a tropical setting that provides a sense of newness for their lives.

This e-book, and the corresponding FaceBook page, is jam packed with the most current and valuable information for anyone who is planning to move to, to live, or to spend any length of time in Costa Rica; especially on the Ballena Coast and the Southern zone of Costa Rica.

Simple things like having a driveable entrance and the plantels graded makes all the difference!!

In the last few years Costa Rica has worked in attracting new airlines to offer service in the country. So far this year the Tourism Institute (ICT) confirms it has generated 96,501 additional seats thanks to the arrival of new airlines and the increase in the frequency of flights to and from Costa Rica.

It is getting busier, and busier.  We are selling properties faster than ever!  We have lots of folks looking at properties, the agents are very busy!

As we enter the first weeks of 2018, a new year, we often think about resolutions, dreams, and actions we want to take …

Anywhere you choose to live will require some compromises, either on the weather, or the size of the town, or something.

What is your "Perfect"?

Why would anyone spend time in the most expensive country in Central America…  with the most diluted culture?

Oh right, because it’s the most amazing country in Central America… if not the world.

We came to live a different, simpler life, with a slower pace.

To find the right property for you in Costa Rica, you may have to connect with your inner desires!

What do you want your new life to look like, to be? 

Let's distal this down to what you really want...